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ScanACard is the easy solution to read and manage the business cards of your contacts. Read business cards using your device's camera or import an image of the card from the photo library. ScanACard reliably identifies contact data on the business card and presents results together with the fragments from which they were obtained. Edit the result and store it into ScanACards built-in card holder or export contact information into your address book. Just take a picture of a business card with the built-in camera of your iPhone or iPod touch and let ScanACard take care of the rest.

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Taking pictures

Using ScanACard is easy. Just take a picture of any business card with the built-in camera or select one in your photo library. For best results, make sure that your picture is well focussed and evenly lit.

Getting contact data

When you tab "Scan This Card", ScanACard performs various tasks on your image. It crops the image, determines the image orientation, determines text sections on the card and finally extracts contact information from the card. The information is displayed in a familiar address book style. ScanACard determines the following information from a card.

  • First- and last name
  • Job title
  • Title
  • Company
  • Addresses including street address, postal code, city and state
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Websites

Review the data

You can review and edit the results directly. For each recognized fragment you can also tap the info icon to the right of the results. It opens a dialog that shows the fragment of the input image that was used to obtain the result. This enables you to easily check and edit the results. Types for websites, emails and phone numbers can be selected. Of course, false recognition results can also be deleted. Finally the full raw text that was obtained in text recognition is presented as a reference.

Store the data

When you tab "Save" the data is saved either into ScanACard's own card holder or into your address book. When saving into the card holder, all recognition data is preserved. In particular all recognition fragments and the card image are still available when browsing the cards from the card holder.


Currently, there is a limited number of preference settings available. While ScanACard usually works well, for some cards it may fail to correctly determine image orientation or inversion requirements. You may turn of the features in the preferences and rotate the image manually. You may also choose to store a copy of each image taken from ScanACard into your devices camera roll.

The lite version

The lite version of ScanACard features full recognition and analysis functionality. However, it allows you to only store a recognized name and one phone number. All other data is discarded. We encourage you to use the lite version for testing purposes, and to purchase the full version once you are satisfied.

Things to come

Future versions of ScanACard will further improve card recognition. They will expand support in the following areas.

  • Even better image processing
  • Support for address formats for additional countries
  • Support for address formats for additional fonts

System Requirements

To use Sugarpoint, an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 5.0 or better is required.

Available in App Store


Please direct any feedback and questions regarding ScanACard to ScanACard Support.

Karl Banke
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