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Sugarpoint Kids - the first app for kids with diabetes

Sugarpoint Kids supports parents and children in their daily diabetes management: it's easy-to-use, understandable and full of funny surprises for kids!

Look what's out there in Sugarpoint Kids Wonderland! Funny monsters are waiting for you, if you make entries on time.

Sugarpoint Kids has been developed by families for families. That way, reliable diabetes management and valuable documentation are lots of fun.

Sugarpoint Kids is the right tool for parents, kids and young-at-heart diabetics.

Sugarpoint Kids provides an accurate and easy way to enter data. It is a valuable tool for your child, your family and your doctor to be able to determine the best therapy. Please note: Still, Sugarpoint Kids does not replace your doctor.

Sugarpoint Kids has some unique features which faciliate your daily diabetes management:

  • Direct charting: All your daily entries are instantly visualized in a comprehensive chart.
  • Reminder alarm: Automatic reminders after meals for e.g. glucose readings.
  • Meal photo: Take a picture of your meal as a reference.
  • For regular entries you and your child are rewarded with a funny moster in Sugarpoint Kids' Wonderland.

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Maintain the log

Usage of Sugarpoint is easy. The application is centered around the diary overview which opens automatically. It gives you a graphical overview of your daily entries. Here you can add or remove data from the diary as needed. To add an entry touch the "+" button on the titlebar. You can delete data using swipe gestures or using the "delete" button.

Enter Your Data

You can choose among various entry types like

  • Glucose Reading
  • Insulin
  • Meal
  • Blood Pressure
  • Exercise
  • Medication
  • General Remark

For an individual entry, you can enter log values and finish your editing actions by touching done. When creating a new entry, the current date and time will be set. You can also select the appropriate day section and add a further comment. When entering meals, there is the additional option of scheduling a reminder for your next glucose measurement. Of course, any data that you enter can be adjusted anytime.

Chart Your Data

Once entered you can touch the chart button and see a graphical representation of your log data. The following types of charts are avaibable.

  • Glucose / Insulin / Meal
  • Weight
  • Blood Pressure

You can also adjust the timeframe that is charted by touching the calender button.

Share Your Data

Easily share your data. Sugarpoint Kids enables you to share your data via email Data is send as a comma-separated-values (CSV) file that is suitable for usage and import into a wide variety of tools. You can choose sending data to yourself or e.g., to your doctor.


You can set global information like your name, email, height and birthday. Also, you can select between various units of measurement for height, weight, glucose levels and others. For example you can enter your weight using the metric system (using kilograms) or the imperial system (using pounds and ounces). Other settings include the remind option as well as connection configuration for sharing your data.

Note that for some diary data, the unit is purely informational. Thus, Sugarpoint Kids does not attempt to recalculate the data in case you adjust the settings for glucose units, meal units and so on.

Watch out for regular Sugarpoint Kids updates to keep up with new surprises!

System Requirements

To use Sugarpoint Kids, an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 5.0 or better is required.

Available in App Store Sugarpoint Kids on Facebook


Please direct any feedback and questions regarding Sugarpoint Kids to Conrad Hesse.

Conrad Hesse
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